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Best Practice

Safety / Security
The safety of our residents is of paramount importance to us. If you need assistance please ask a member of staff or alternatively use your call bell to seek assistance. As part of the Nursing Assessment many factors regarding the resident's general condition will be assessed based on individual risk levels, these will form part of the Care Plan. We plan the care and the resident's environment around what poses the least risk to resident's personal safety. We also have a Health and Safety plan which incorporates security. CCTV is used in the corridors and outside the building.

Personal Money, Jewellery and Valuables
We advise that valuables and large amounts of money are not brought into the Nursing Home. Each room has a lockable drawer in a bedside cabinet for personal effects. The Home also has a safe for money and if necessary valuables.

The fire alarm system is tested at regular intervals by a specialist fire safety company. Daily checks of fire exits and 4-weekly checks of fire equipment are also carried out. Staff have induction training in fire safety and yearly training thereafter. In addition both day and night fire drills are carried out at least 5 times a year. All our doors are 60 minute fire doors which means that in the unlikely event of a fire we move people out of the zone where the fire is discovered into the next zone where they will be safe for 60 minutes by which time the fire services will have responded as Rathfarnham Fire Brigade Station is less than 10 minutes away. The Fire Brigade also inspect our premises and have a plan of the building.

Other Emergencies
We have an Emergency Management plan in place which covers events such as fire, loss of power or heat, flood or lift failure. It also covers arrangements in the event of the home needing to be fully evacuated due to an emergency. If you discover scenarios/circumstances that pose a risk to residents/ staff/visitors please inform your nearest staff member immediately.

Rights, Privacy and Dignity
We actively promote your rights within The Marlay through specific consideration of your right to:

  • Information. You will have access to information in an accessible format to assist you in decision making.
  • Consultation and Participation in Care. You will be facilitated to participate in the management of your care through the Care Planning Process, and your life within the home through day to day communication with your care givers, resident review meetings and the Residents Council.
  • Consent. It will be your decision to consent or withhold consent.
  • Privacy and Dignity. Staff will treat you with dignity, modesty, privacy and respect at all times, e.g. Staff will address you by your preferred title and will always knock on your door and await your response before entering your room.
  • Civil, Political and Religious Rights. You will be facilitated to access the citizen's information and advocacy services. Also you will be facilitated to participate in the political process and to observe or abstain from religious practice.

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