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Visting and Contact Arrangements

With the exception of mealtimes we operate an open visiting policy.


Reception is open between 08.00 hrs and 22.00 hrs, seven days a week.



Outside these times the staff on the ground floor facilitate access to the front door. To protect our residents' privacy and dignity we would ask that visitors do not visit without prior agreement with the relevant Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) during mealtimes.

Relatives and visitors are welcome to attend the social gatherings organised for the residents. Visitors can be received in the library or in the resident's own room. For security reasons all visitors are requested to sign in on entering and out when leaving. We operate a closed door policy so we do request that visitors ring the door bell and await a response from reception. This policy also applies to visitors waiting to exit the building. We also ask visitors to partake in precautionary infection control measures as appropriate. The Marlay Nursing Home reserves the right to impose restrictions on visiting arrangements where the visit or time of visit is deemed to pose a risk or where the resident requests restrictions.

Contact with family and friends is also facilitated by post, telephone, Skype and email.

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